Why leave a review?

Reviews. Some people love them, some people hate them. A good review can do a huge amount to promote a business. A bad review can hurt the credibility and damage the reputation of a small business and ultimately keep customers away.

From a business point of view, they are absolutely essential to both the business owner, the client and any potential clients considering using the business.

The reasons why reviews are important

Having thought about this for quite a while now, I believe there are more than a few key reasons why reviews are important, no matter what type of small business you are dealing with, whether it be a Photographer or anything else...

1 - Reviews help online visibility

When you search online for a photographer, Google (other reputable search engines are available) will take the review ratings left on Google and other sites, along with other key words which take location into account to provide you with a list of potential Photographers. The more reviews that are left for me as a Photographer, the likelihood of a future potential client finding me on the search engine increases. Google, Facebook, Yell, in car entertainment systems like Apple Car Play all work like this.

2 - Reviews provide feedback & the responses show you care

Everyone likes to know how they are doing, whether it be positive or negative and we can learn an awful lot from it. Positive reviews tell us we're doing things correctly and confirms the clients like what we are doing. Negative reviews can be used to put things right. The reviews keep us real. Its gives our business and customer service skills validation.

3 - Reviews build trust

Reviews are a great way to connect with clients and build trust with them. When a potential future client sees how you react to a review and how you use them to improve your business, they can feel confident in knowing that you will deliver in your promises if they use you and your business at a later date.

4 - Reviews facilitate referrals & word-of-mouth marketing

If a client has a brilliant experience with you and your company, they'll be much more likely to leave you a positive review AND they are much more likely to recommend you personally, whether it be by just word of mouth or somewhere online. Facebook is a great example of this. I've been recommended in Local Resident Groups, Local Mum Groups, Local Business Association and Network Groups. As a Wedding Photographer, I've been recommended by past Brides I've shot to their Bridesmaids and their Friends and it continues.

In Conclusion...

I know you are busy like everyone else is but if you have a positive or negative experience of a small business to share then please take the time to leave them a review. Take 2 minutes to show your appreciation or if you've unfortunately had a negative experience, write it and give them a chance to respond and put things right where necessary. The 2 minutes you spend writing a review could make more of a difference than you realise.

So how do I leave a review?

It couldn't be easier to leave a review.

Open Google on your choice of browser, whether it be on a Windows or Mac machine, a Smart Phone or a Tablet...

Search for 'John Driscoll Photography' (or the small business of choice) then click the link where highlighted by the red arrow...

On Google in a browser on Windows or Mac

On Google in a browser on a mobile device ie Phone or Tablet