Hi, I'm John Driscoll

Tall, Dark & Handsome SE Londoner, GSOH, WLTM... hold on a minute, this isn't Tinder or Match!

I'm John. I met the love of my life Alison in the summer 2014 and after a whirlwind romance, we married in spring 2016. I have a teenage daughter, 17yo Izzy who has just started her last year of A-Levels and has her driving test just around the corner and I'm delighted to say that Alison & I have been blessed with 4.5 year old Ava-Mae and 2.5 year old Anastasia.

Alison and Izzy would be able to tell you that I've taken photographs for as long as I can remember and a camera has never been far away, even in childhood where we were limited to 24 shots for an entire 2 week family holiday! Things have changed somewhat...

I feel honoured and privileged to have one of the most important jobs in the world as a Kent Wedding Photographer. Capturing your memories for a lifetime and the generations that follow. Anyone can pick up a camera and take photos but it takes a true photographer to capture feelings and emotions. I'm hugely passionate about my photography and the images I create and I hope this shines through in my work.