Hi, I'm John Driscoll

Tall, Dark & Handsome SE Londoner, GSOH, WLTM... hold on a minute, this isn't Tinder or Match!

I'm John. I met the love of my life Alison in the summer 2014 and after a whirlwind romance, we married in spring 2016. I have a teenage daughter, 15yo Izzy who is just about to start her GCSEs and I'm delighted to say that Alison & I have been blessed with 2.5 year old Ava-Mae and 6 months old Anastasia. So if a house full of 4 females wasn't enough, we also have an adorable female cat, Gongsty aka Gangsta Cat. (Ask Alison about the name!)

Alison and Izzy would be able to tell you that I've taken photographs for as long as I can remember and a camera has never been far away, even in childhood where we were limited to 24 shots for an entire 2 week family holiday! Things have changed somewhat...

I feel honoured and privileged to have one of the most important jobs in the world as a Kent Wedding Photographer. Capturing your memories for a lifetime and the generations that follow. Anyone can pick up a camera and take photos but it takes a true photographer to capture feelings and emotions. I'm hugely passionate about my photography and the images I create and I hope this shines through in my work.